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Painting My Spot in the Elections

by Ricardo Pachon
2 minutes read

What is my role in the upcoming elections taking place in a month in Colombia?

I have retouched the original image at the top of this text to answer the question. I edited the photo so it consists now of exactly 36 million colored dots (known as “pixels”), each representing one of the 36 million people registered to vote. To represent myself and highlight my position in this image, I have colored the pixel in the very center of the photo in red, on the sleeve of the jacket worn by the gentleman in the foreground.

Do you see it?

Possibly not. Maybe we need to zoom in a bit more to appreciate it.

To do this, I have included the following figure, which acts as a microscope. In the four panels, we zoom in closer and closer, until… there it is! In the center of the image floats the silent red dot. We’ve done it!

In conclusion: What role do I play in the elections? Well, I am an imperceptible pixel in the photo of a fight between crooks.

Ah, Ricardo! But your participation in the elections should not be limited to your vote but also to debating with others, involving them in your vision for the country, convincing them of your ideals. And so, one by one, you will see how you change Colombia.

Okay, you’re right. I’m going back to the photo, and I’m going to paint many more points red, as many as friends and family I have. I will also include all my acquaintances, and all those people I barely spoke to on occasion. What the heck! I’m going to put in the photo all the people I have met and will meet in my life, and I’m going to double that number because you have to be ambitious in this life. Surely that will change things!

Argh! Excuse me, I’m off.

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