Walking in Uganda (video)

One of the things I was really excited of trying while here in Uganda was doing a bit of outdoors exploring. A pair of colleagues in Tugende suggested me to try Fort Portal, a small town to the west of the country, near the border with Congo. They told me that the landscape in the region was beautiful and a it was the perfect place for the sort of experience I was looking for.

And they were absolutely right! I spent three days there and it was a amazing experience. I recorded a video with some of the many hikes I did during those days, but I’m afraid that it doesn’t do justice to the beauty of this land.

For the last 4 years I have made the resolution of spending more time in the outdoors, and for this it has been fantastic to participate in the bushcraft courses I have taken in England and Scotland with “Woodlore”, the company run by the great Ray Mears (www.raymears.com).

But still, it’s far from the ideal. During my walks this weekend I couldn’t stop thinking how many possibilities there are for hiking and wilderness bushcraft in the UK but how little I’m doing about it. And of course, that is not even considering of all that can be done in Colombia (you can hear my rant in Spanish about this in the video!).

I hope I can go back to England and figure out how to make this sort of plans a bit more often.

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