The one thing I won’t miss from Kampala

Everything has been so amazing in Uganda: The friendly people, the vibrant cities, the amazing outdoors. However, one thing I will not miss is the mental torture that my sworn enemy in Kampala has been inflicting on me the last four weeks.

Meet my nemesis: a son-of-a-b**** rooster that lives in front of the place where I’m staying! The stupid animal likes to crow at random hours of the night. Yesterday, for example, decided to do it at 3:45am, and kept doing it at regular intervals until 7.

It’s been almost a month of this. At this point I dream of having a bazooka to evaporate this horrible animal. Alas, that will remain a fantasy and I know in just a few hours it will start with its stupid COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!!!

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