Ineffective Altruism

Effective Altruism (EA) is a movement that promotes an analytical approach for helping others. Instead of “doing what feels right”, the emphasis is on “finding the very best causes to work on” or “doing the most good in our lives”.

Here is a short introduction to EA by Peter Singer and here a longer TED Talk about the topic.

The words to highlight here are “best” and “most”. It is not sufficient to do good: You should do the most good.

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Let me tell you about my day (video)


Today was my first day working at Tugende, the microfinance company where I’m working this month, and I couldn’t be happier of finally started my assignment here. The people are fantastic and the place is beautiful! I shot a short video of my first impressions and you probably can tell how excited I am for this opportunity (ok, perhaps you can’t tell because I’m not good good at this thing of smiling to the camera, but you get my point).

In my next posts I’ll go into the mission of Tugende, the sort of work that I’ll do here, and the main reason for this trip: seeing how microfinance work in the real world.

(written on July 17th 2017)