What Atiyah said (and didn’t say) about the Riemann Hypothesis


After a few days of suspense we finally had the chance of seeing Sir Michael Atiyah’s proof of Riemann Hypothesis (RH). As I said in a previous post, there was a lot of excitement the days previous to this event, but also some skepticism: though Atiyah is one of the best mathematicians of our times, the RH is a well-known problem that has eluded the minds of all the best mathematicians for 160 years. Following Atiyah’s talk, the excitement has faded and the skepticism has grown.

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Atiyah and the Riemann Hypothesis


Let’s get straight to the point: Sir Michael Atiyah announced that he has a proof of the Riemann Hypothesis (RH) and will present it in Heidelberg this Monday 24 of September. This is already worthy of headlines, but if it happens that the proof is correct we are talking about news of seismic scale (with a 9+ reading on a Richter scale) that will be on the front page of every newspaper on the planet by Tuesday.

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Atiyah y la Hipótesis de Riemann


Vayamos directamente al grano: Sir Michael Atiyah anunció que tiene una prueba de la Hipótesis de Riemann (HdR) y la presentará en Heidelberg este lunes 24 de septiembre. Esto ya es digno de los titulares, pero si sucede que la prueba es correcta estamos hablando de una noticia de escala sísmica (con una lectura de más de 9 en una escala de Richter) que estará en la portada de todos los periódicos del planeta para el martes.

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