Theresa May’s last bullet


Now that we are about to finish the second season of this drama called Brexit, it is fair to say that nobody really knows what is going to happen in its final episode. The next crucial date is December 11, when the Parliament votes on the agreement reached by the British and European negotiators, and according to those keeping track of the numbers the outcome looks gloomy for the government of Theresa May: less than 250 MPs would vote in favour, way below the minimum threshold of 320 that is needed for its approval.

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The fact is that no one cares about facts


“Next year will be 50 years (supposedly) that man stepped on the moon. I’m having dinner with some friends…chatting about this. I bring the topic to the audience! Do you think it really happened? I don’t!”

This was the message that goalie Iker Casillas tweeted a few weeks ago to his eight million followers who are probably more used to his acute observations about football rather than his views on the space program. Serious newspapers like El Pais, always ready to find inspiration in the Twittersphere, took the 157 characters to run articles that amplified Mr. Casillas remarks while omitting the point that the guy must be bonkers for thinking this.

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