Separate men and women


For those outside Colombia, let me explain the tongue-in-cheek expression “paseo bugueño”, which might translate as “going on a trip to Buga”: It refers to those situations in a social setting where men and women end up in two separate groups, physically apart one from the other. This funny distribution might arise spontaneously, perhaps from the nature of the conversation, so it typically causes some laughs when someone asks, “How did we end up in a paseo bugueño?”

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More Women in Technology, More Men in Social Work

The discussion about the role of women working in the technology sector – with a specific emphasis on what’s happening in Silicon Valley – has been in the spotlight for some months now. But only a couple of weeks ago the conversation spiralled out of control when a memo about this topic, written by an employee at Google, was given international coverage by the media. The company fired the author of the memo, who subsequently took to the microphone in various interviews to give his side of the story, threats of legal action followed, and what is left now is the cacophony of millions of views mostly expressed in 140 characters or less.

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