It’s always election season in planet Earth

Another great year for elections all over the world! In 2018 there were more than a hundred, from tiny French Polynesia to elect their Assemblée, to mighty USA electing a new Congress. From Finland to Zimbabwe, from Mexico to Malaysia, the whole planet celebrated once again that quintessential festival of democracy that is the elections.  In total more than a billion people voted this year, what surely must be a new record.

While all this was happening, this year I abstained from voting, a decision for which I have received strong criticisms from friends a family. To help shaping my ideas better about this topic I have been writing in Spanish about elections in my blog, and now I’ll start translating these entries to English. Here is the first one, a personal view about this that I originally wrote in April; I’ll be posting the rest of translations in the next few weeks.

I’m fascinated about elections but even more for alternatives to that toxic system. I have material for some 40-50 entries to cover most of the things I want to say about this, so this will take some time. I’m not in a hurry though: no matter what year, and no matter what time of the year, there will always be a place somewhere in this planet where an election is about to happen.

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