Begin the Begin (video)

Yesterday was a beautiful day in London and I thought it would be a good idea to shoot a short video before my trip to Uganda. I’m going there to work on a microfinance project for a month, and in the video, I explain what I’m planning to do on this site. [See the video.]

And today is day zero of the trip and things are going very well. Though I had a very early start at 3:30 am things have been flowing quickly and without problems. I’m traveling to Uganda via Brussels and I just had enough time to go out from one plane to hop on the next one.

There are a few things that I would like to achieve on this trip, and in the following weeks, I will try to write here as much as I can on this. Very broadly there are three objectives:

1) Learn about microfinance
2) Put things in the broader perspective of finance
3) Explore, travel, have fun

A fourth implicit goal is trying to share some of these experiences and thoughts with friends and family. This one is the one in which I feel more uncertainty, as it requires a lot of consistency to keep giving updates. But I will get to that point later.

And here’s a bit of music!

(written on July 15th, 2017)

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