Hi,I’m Ricardo. I’m a mathematician and a blogger

In this space you will find articles that I have been writing since 2017, covering a range of topics that I am passionate about:

1. Elections: The Toxic Engine of our Democracies
2. Violence in Colombia
3. The Nature of Knowledge
4. Maths
5. Climate Change
6. Poverty
7. Space Exploration

In 2020 I’m starting a new series of articles on The Market as a Social Technology.

Additionally, in Observations, I write about personal experiences, views on current topics, and recommendations.

My entries are typically two thousand words, which means they usually take 10 minutes to read. Since the launch of the new site in August 2020, I have the resolution of publishing every two weeks, on Sunday morning.

I was born in Bogota, Colombia, where I lived for 25 years. I did my undergrad studies in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at Los Andes University. I moved to The Netherlands and did an MSc in Applied Mathematics at Utrecht University, and then to the United Kingdom, where I did a Ph.D. in Mathematics at Oxford University. In 2011 I relocated to London, where I have been working in various quantitative roles in capital markets for a financial firm.

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