Welcome to my Blog

I’ve been writing here since 2017 on a variety of topics that interest me deeply. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find:

1) Markets: I examine how markets, as a prevalent resource allocation tool, compare to alternatives like central planning.

2) Elections: I explore the general characteristics of elections, critiquing their effectiveness in the process of democracy building.

3) Knowledge: While I’m not formally trained in philosophy, I often reflect on my thoughts and the nature of reality, sharing these reflections here.

4) Violence: I analyze the serious issue of violence in Colombia, focusing on statistical data to understand and discuss its impact.

5) Climate Change: I delve into the complexities of climate change, focusing on the science and potential solutions.

6) Society: I share observations on social dynamics and current events, examining how groups of people interact and influence one another.

7) Mathematics: I discuss interesting mathematical theories and the people who developed them.

8) Space Exploration: I keep up with developments in space exploration and what they could mean for our understanding of the universe.

9) Anecdotes: I share personal experiences, perspectives on topical issues, and occasional recommendations. 

Posts are typically 2000 words long, generally requiring 10-15 minutes to read.

About myself

I was born in Bogota, Colombia, where I lived for 25 years. I did my undergrad studies in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at Los Andes University. I moved to The Netherlands and did an MSc in Applied Mathematics at Utrecht University, and then to the United Kingdom, where I did a Ph.D. in Mathematics at Oxford University. In 2011 I relocated to London, where I have been working in various quantitative roles in fixed-income and equity markets for a financial firm.

Contacting me

I started this blog as a way to engage with both friends and strangers on subjects I find fascinating. I welcome your comments and messages through my social media channels. Whether it’s feedback, criticism, or suggestions, I’m open to hearing from you to make this blog a better place for our discussions.

Comments, criticisms, or suggestions on how to improve this site: They all are welcome!